Topic: Shared Hosting

Will enanocms run stably on a shared host?  Because I tried Drupal and well it just required to much to work on shared hosting.  I don't want to make that same mistake.

Re: Shared Hosting

Enano should work on a shared host but every single web application out there will work better when you have more control over your server. Right now there aren't a lot of features that will actually be sacrificed if you have a restrictive shared host. I've personally given Enano a go on a few shared hosts and have found server uptime to be more of a challenge than maintaining the installation. YMMV, but I'd say that your chances with Enano are better than with Drupal or Joomla.

As a general reminder, the GoPHP5 initiative has been encouraging projects to stop providing PHP4 support. If your host still runs PHP4 then you can't get support even for stable releases through official Enano channels. Enano 1.1.1 and later don't run on PHP4 at all due to usage of PHP5-only features.

Performance-wise, no shared host is going to give you the same performance you'll get as with a VPS or dedicated hosting. I've seen Enano generate pages in 0.09 seconds on our VPS here and take upwards of 2 seconds for a similar page on a shared host. So it really does depend on more than maintenance work. I recommend that you choose a host that guarantees you a certain amount of CPU time and doesn't run more than 100 sites from the same server.