Topic: Forum migration: phpBB to PunBB

I'm beginning to have doubts as to what phpBB is doing seeing as there have been no posts on the old forum for several months, despite considerable traffic to the main site. Since an Enano-PunBB connector is in the works, I've decided to switch our forum over to PunBB.

I chose Pun because it sacrifices features for simplicity and uses a small but (from what I've seen while hacking around with it) very secure and well-designed codebase. In many ways I'd like to make Enano more like PunBB, and while it's been a tad bit hard coping with the lack of some features (like forum descriptions) I like the overall design of it better. Plus PunBB is HUGELY faster, on the order of 0.005 seconds for page generation on Germantown.

Old forum posts and topics are maintained on the now-locked phpBB board at

Comments and suggestions from the migration are welcome here.


Re: Forum migration: phpBB to PunBB

Enabled rewrite rules and tweaked the code in rewrite.php to work with my somewhat-odd mod_rewrite configuration.