Topic: localization (russian)

Good day!
I have installed the latest Enano 1.1.8pl1 and trying to make it work with russian language content.
It doesn't work out of the box, so here are some questions:

1) The names of the page are saved in russian ok (probably in utf-8). But the main content of the page screws up after saving. What is the default codification and can i change it myself?

2) The URLs can be generated based on the title. So i get something like 412.442.43E.440.430.44F. I quess, tjse are utf codes not shown correctly because the system doesnt know that those are russian chars. How do i fix that?

3) Are there any translations of the interface already made. And if there is no russian translation, is there any tutorial to can make it myself (and contribute? of course).


Re: localization (russian)

Hrm... you shouldn't be having issues with UTF8 text within pages. Some time ago I worked with Neal to make UTF8 characters work everywhere - usernames, passwords, page content, comments, etc.. I checked the schema as well, and it is indeed creating tables with "CHARACTER SET `utf8`". How exactly is the text becoming corrupted? Are you using MySQL or PostgreSQL? You're right, it is probably a character encoding issue. If you wish, you may change the encoding of the table with a SQL query like:


(You may need to prepend your table_prefix to "page_text")

As for URL generation, Enano does that to avoid escaping issues in links. Links have to be escaped one way, javascript another, PHP another... it's too complicated, so I came up with this as a way to universally handle it without much fuss. Are you having trouble with the generated URLs, or simply trying to make them contain actual Russian characters?

There is no translation of Enano into Russian at this time. If you want to translate it, make a copy of the "english" directory and name it "russian" and then edit meta.json with the appropriate information about the language. At that point you should be able to install it. Then, get started on editing everything else in the language directory: five main JSON files (admin, core, install, tools, user), the summary of the license agreement (install/license-deed.html), and the default site content (install/default-blank/*.txt and install/default-tutorial/*.txt). Don't expect to translate the whole thing in one sitting; there are roughly 2,000 strings in the Enano core plus additional strings for any plugins you may want to translate. You can test your translation efforts by re-importing the language in the admin CP, which pulls the language strings from your JSON. Thanks!

Re: localization (russian)

I use MySQL. What do you mean how exactly is the text currupted? I can send screens if you will look at them. Tell me where to send.
I checked the tables in the base and it seems like its UTF. I also ran the sql query you sent. And it still doesn work.
I figured 1 more thing though. The page in Firefox is NOT in Utf as default. And if you manually change the charset to utf the currupted text shows as it is supposed to (but the captions, which were ok, become screwed).

About the  URLs. As for now i get something like this: ../index.php/
If it could show actual russian chars, that would do.

So there/s no centralized translation effort for enano on the web yet. Let's see, maybe we'll could start it off.