Is this thread asking new members to introduce themselves or is it just an old conversation between Dan & carlyse_09?

I did have a look in the documentation for info about Users & Groups but was not able to find it.

I had expected to be able to add users from the backend but that does NOT seem to be a possibility.
Could this be introduced please?

I do not seem to be able to create Groups!
The "Create" button seems to activate but nothing happens (in either FF or Opera).
Is there something which I would have inadvertently turned off or is it that this is a work-in-progress?


It now seems to be working OK WRT the above issue.  Perhaps my host has been playing with some settings.
FWIW the phpinfo file is here:

There is another issue though which I will post separately.

Here's a screenshot (1280x1024) of the problem.

You will see the window on the RHS, behind the front window (which is greyed out) shows as un-greyed.
You will also see that the cute little drop-down dialogue which asks for Username & Password has picked up some image/text from the top part of the website.  Also, that it does not shoe the login fields.

This is wirh Enano 1.06pl1.  My browser is Firefox 3.0.13 on Ubuntu 9.04 with the wiggly windows stuff enabled (is that Compriz? or Beryl or something like that?).

Also this occurs for the secondary login to Administer the site, though I can workaround this by telling enano that I want to edit the sidebars, logging-in & then Administering it.

The installation went without a hitch on a shared (cPanel) host.

There's nothing on the site, as yet, and am happy to provide login details so this may be checked by others (on other systems).

I hope you are able to assist me with this issue as logging in is a pretty important thing!

YES! you have caught me out, I was able to login a couple of times but there seems to me no consistency to whether I get the 'good' or the 'un-usable' login windlet.