Hello Dan,

I just installed Enano for the first time and have a problem with just a few things.  I don't know if it's a me , but I can't find any info in the documentation and I don't want to give up yet...  I like the simplicity and ability to customize fairly easily, (I'm not a PHP or Ajax guy, but know a few) so I hope to take advantage.

Setup Info.
Hosted at Godaddy
Linux ?
Apache ?
PHP 5.0 http://www.forwarditthinking.com/_h_admin_/phpinfo5.php
MSQL 5.0.67
URL http://forwarditthinking.com/Main_Page

Here's the issues so far....

1) User Sign Up:  This happens in IE7, IE8 and Mozilla 3.0.5
Can't proceed with user sign up because there is no CATCHA image displayed.  It doesn't matter if the User Sign up is set to None, User or Admin.  Is this as simple as a permission problem with a file or folder?

2) FYI IE8 Display.  Main_Page and others have huge blank between banner and content.

Interested to hear back.