AS i have 1000 Plus pages; when i saw Database total index size was less on live site than Local server. so i run Rebuild search Index again today. but it totally Freeze whole server and brought down the site itself.

May be web space provider will not allow such scripts if its takes so much memory and resorces, instead srcipt should index only not indexed pages or newly added pages.

Another Bug is, i added Google AD code in right side Block in oxygen theme, that made whole right side to disapear on main page,but on other pages right bar comes without AD.

Thank you DAN for the Support.

I hosted it here and its working Perfect.

After testing almost more than 25 Wiki scripts i foundout eNano is superb script.
I hosted it and configured and done almost 2 weeks of work with Data import, and found out just a day before public annoucement of the site search Index is not working.
Which make script totally useless.
Anyone seen such BUG or work around for this...
Even i locally installed and took export and imported into live site, still its not coming in search.
There should be some serious BUG or am i doing something wrong...?