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Topic: [Bugs] Version 1.1.5 (Delete Page, Sidebar, NewsBoy)

When trying to delete a page ( [] Delete this page when I click Save ) it displays a blank page with the text: "Edit page properties".

When clicking on "Edit the sidebar" the block titles language files arent loaded. Displaying for e.g.: "{lang:sidebar_title_navigation}"

In NewsBoy, when I create a new article, it's being created 2 times. First with the name I applied and the second with the timestamp it was created. When I then view the news in the portal it's title is also the timestamp.
Also I can't seem to add comments, as it shows me simply the news article content and a "Return to news portal" button.

Re: [Bugs] Version 1.1.5 (Delete Page, Sidebar, NewsBoy)

Sidebar l10n: by design; changed - see this commit.

Delete page: will look into

NewsBoy double creation: I did something to this code a couple weeks ago, I'll have another look at it and see if there's something that hasn't been committed yet.

NewsBoy comments button: known issue, will see if I can hit it tomorrow.

Thanks for reporting!


Re: [Bugs] Version 1.1.5 (Delete Page, Sidebar, NewsBoy)

Regarding NewsBoy double creation: revision 10 in Mercurial addresses an article creation bug. See if pulling r10 or r12 will work (r11 only works on 1.1.6 trunk).