Topic: RULES: ENANO SUPPORT (read first!)

Enano is a big and complex system and for that reason we need to know some things about your web hosting environment before we can really give good support for Enano. About half of the issues that were on our old board were the result of errors by the web hosting company or from the user.

Please remember when posting in here that we aren't magicians, and we cannot read your mind. In order for us to give you an accurate diagnosis on your problem, please make sure you tell us:

Your Enano version
PHP version and a link to a phpinfo script if possible
What plugins and themes are installed on your site
The webserver platform you're using (Windows + IIS, Windows + Apache, Linux + Apache, etc.)
Your MySQL version
Whether you are on a dedicated server (we mean one you have root/administrative access to) or a shared server/VPS
The URL to your Enano installation, if possible

In addition we request that you avoid POSTING IN ALL CAPS or otherwise trying to grab unnecessary attention; if you do so, one of the mods will probably edit your post or lock your thread. Thanks for understanding.