Topic: Other sites using Enano

Pardon me if this question has been answered somewhere else.

Is there a list of some independent sites using Enano that I can view to see how Enano is being used elsewhere? Either English or Spanish sites are ok for me.

Thanks so much.


Re: Other sites using Enano

I only know of a small number who have actually worked on putting together a real site (with customizations, etc). These are:

* Vadim Peretokin's vadi-mapper
* Mobile Central by Binary Outcast (Neal is affiliated, but this is by far the most customized site I've seen in the wild)
* Datto Backup's Open Source portal (I'm affiliated)
* KJRZ Radio - not many customizations though
* LargeGeek Wiki

We're pushing for a 1.2.0 RC, at which point we will try to locate a few medium- to large-size open source projects for which we will overhaul their website in exchange for giving us some publicity.


Re: Other sites using Enano


Thanks for the links. 

I will look over these sites.