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Firstly I think that Enano is the best CMS I have found, and believe me I have tried about 20 of them over the last couple of months.
One thing that I miss is being able to use the spell checker in Tiny_mce.

Would it be possible for someone to describe to me how I can upgrade to the latest version of Tiny_mce to get the google spell checking to work.



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I'll look at getting a patch in for it. I'm not sure how that can be enabled, but as Enano 1.1.x doesn't require a patched TinyMCE anymore it shouldn't be too hard for me to enable the appropriate modules.

Enano 1.1.5 (still an alpha) is going to be released later today, so I'll see if I can make spell checking included with that release.

Sorry for the late reply, this forum doesn't get much traffic so I haven't been as diligent in checking it as I should be.


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Figured it out, added to 1.1.5 release. Thanks for the suggestion!

Edit: I'm moving this topic to Feature Requests.


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Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for your fast response. Great news.

Downloaded and installed. Looking good so far. smile