Topic: Could Not Find LangDialog.exe

I have just found out about ExperienceUI, so downloaded and installed it and am quite impressed with it!

Small problem; I want to set my installer up for multiple languages, but when I add this line in .onInit


  I get this error:

   Could Not Find C:\Program Files\NSIS\ExperienceUI\Contrib\ExperienceUI\LangDialog.exe

Can anyone tell me why it's happening and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Could Not Find LangDialog.exe

Hm, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the temporary name of the .exe that is compiled for your language page. If so, you should know that code was written during the XP era before UAC existed. Try running makensis as an administrator.

The language page is a terrible hack because you have to set the installer's language during .onInit, which is before the GUI is constructed. That means to display a page we have to compile a whole 'nother EXE. Yeah...

Re: Could Not Find LangDialog.exe

Hi Dan,
           Sorry, I should have mentioned I'm using Windows 7.

   The compiled .exe was experienceui-1.3.2, which I created by running NSIS as administrator.

   I copied the .exe to the NSIS\ExperienceUI\Contrib\ExperienceUI folder and renamed it to LangDialog.exe.

   When I tried to re-compile my script, I got an Access Denied message.

   Tried to re-compile script as administrator, and it appeared to work.  I then tried to run the script, but nothing happened.

   The renamed LangDialog.exe was deleted.

   I really want  to use ExperienceUI as it give a very professional presentation, but I also need multiple language capability.

   If I cannot get this to work, I'll have to use nsDialog, which doesn't look anywhere near as good.