Topic: New Installation looks good - can't do anything

This is new local installation of 1.06pl1. After finishing, I click the link to go to the site. Looks good, but Login gives me:

You don't have permission to access /enano/Special:Login/Main_Page on this server.

Might be a known issue, but my query words didn't hit.

Re: New Installation looks good - can't do anything

Sounds like it could be an Apache bug. Mind posting the last couple lines of your error log?
Edit: I just realized, if you're running Apache 2.2 on Windows, then this is the error you'll get. Yes, this is a known Apache bug that affects a lot of other CMSes (MediaWiki comes to mind). Basically, Apache blocks any requests that have a colon ":" in the URI before the query string. A lot of people, myself included, think that should be moved over to mod_security.

Download Enano with the Windows patch and reinstall, and it should work.

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