Topic: Uninstaller problem

Hi All,

I’ve got a small problem with the XP_UI, especially the uninstaller. It can be reproduced with ExperienceUI Test.

Start ExperienceUI Test installation and install the files. After the installation start the uninstall created inside the program files folder.

Click ‘Next’ on the welcome page. Then click ‘Back’ on the confirm page and then click ‘Next’ on the welcome page again. The installer hangs.

..forgot to mention, that I’m working on Vista.

The original NSIS Modern User Interface works.

Any thoughts?


Re: Uninstaller problem

Seems that XPUI_NOLOCK causes this problem. After !define XPUI_NOLOCK it works the way expected.
What is XPUI_NOLOCK for? When do I need it?


Re: Uninstaller problem

...aaah sorry, wrong question.

When do I need the LockWindow on, which can be switched off by XPUI_NOLOCK?

Re: Uninstaller problem

Sorry, my RSS reader got borked and I haven't been getting alerts about new posts on the forum. Thanks for e-mailing, I'm glad the bug was resolved.

For anyone else that encounters this issue, I fixed the bug. The patch is available from the following URL:

  http://hg.enanocms.org/repos/experience … I/XPUI.nsh