Topic: Administering Users & Groups

I did have a look in the documentation for info about Users & Groups but was not able to find it.

I had expected to be able to add users from the backend but that does NOT seem to be a possibility.
Could this be introduced please?

I do not seem to be able to create Groups!
The "Create" button seems to activate but nothing happens (in either FF or Opera).
Is there something which I would have inadvertently turned off or is it that this is a work-in-progress?


Re: Administering Users & Groups

Hmm, maybe I can figure this one out. *fires up Opera*
Seems working on Opera 10.00 Beta and Firefox 3.5.3, both on Linux x86_64, Enano 1.1.7 dev.
[Edit] I guess you're running stable. One moment while I check that out...
[Edit 2] Works for me. Hmm, Firefox on Ubuntu Jaunty, yes I can test on that.
[Edit 3] Tested: Working under Firefox 3.5 latest from apt, Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04), Intel GMA915. I'm stumped. >_>

Can you try creating and then editing a group on the demo? Trying to figure out if it's a PHP bug or a browser bug.