Topic: Installation Locked

This has me in a loop. New installation tonight. Just discovered Enamo and checking it out because of the excellent documentation. Support forum asks specific questions and offers understandable answers instead of nebulous, geeky mumblings.

"The Enano installer has found a Enano installation in this directory. You MUST delete config.php if you want to re-install Enano."

The last thing I did was rename to config.php. With the exception of a few permissions corrections the installation goes smoothly until the Locked issue rears its ugly head.

Re: Installation Locked

If it says the installation is locked, Enano's actually working fine - just click the "Main Page" button on the left sidebar and you should see your main page and be able to log in.


Re: Installation Locked

It's magic! Seems like a self-repairing app. Now on to the Docs.